Whoever and wherever you are, you can move us forward.

Who we are

We are a student-led movement for refugee and migrant rights moving towards equity, justice, and respect for all people, regardless of borders.

What we do

We focus on creating and encouraging existing spaces for U.S. students to become involved in a Student Movement for Refugee and Migrant Rights.

Who we support

Although Refugee Outreach Club’s name implies outreach towards refugees as opposed to migrants, ROC seeks to serve both refugees and migrants, while recognizing and honoring the distinct experiences of these groups from one another.


Who is a Refugee?

Refugees are people who are forced from their countries or communities because they have experienced or are at risk of experiencing violence or persecution. Refugees have no choice but to leave their homes, often with few belongings or resources, to seek safety elsewhere.

Who is a Migrant?

Migrants are people who make the conscious choice to migrate to another country to seek a better life and/or greater economic opportunity. Migrants are not forced to leave their countries due to violence or persecution.


We all Move

Some of us are moving over borders. Some of us are moving within detention camps. Some of us are moving towards borders to offer support.

Some of us move with our feet, some of us move with our pens, and some of us do not know how to move in the face of so much injustice. Although we all come from different places, we are all part of the same world—a world that is home to both beauty and suffering. Wherever and whoever you are, you can join us in supporting each other. And you can move us forward.