Our Values


Net Good

We are committed to making sure that all of our work is truly meaningful and always has a “net good” for the communities and causes we advocate for. This means being extremely mindful about our impact on all communities, being inclusive of, connected to, and attentive to the experiences of people of color, LGBTQ+ folks, transgender people, non-binary people, incarcerated people, women, minors, differently-able people, Native Americans, people of all religions, and people of all citizenship statuses. We are committed to ensuring that our words match our actions, or money is used responsibly and ethically, and that we are always open to critique, criticism, growth, and change. 


Love + Power = Change

Activist, educator, writer, and self-described proud black woman, Brittany Packnett advocates a Love + Power recipe for change. Like Packnett, we know that we can use our desire to help along with our varying levels of privilege and power to work towards rectifying injustice and promoting equity for refugees and immigrants. We take our power seriously and approach activism with hope, compassion, and a commitment to learning.

(Brittany Packnett has provided ROC with written consent allowing us to adopt and display information about her Love + Power = Change ideology here. You can learn more about Packnett’s work on her website.)

We All Play Different Roles

We all play different roles in effecting change. Some of us have only our bodies to put on the line, like those who marched for Civil Rights in the 1960s. Some of us have economic power. Some of us have professional expertise to offer. If we want to make change, we can’t be general. We can’t just go to a march and say we’re done. We need to be specific. We need to be authentic about the ways in which we can help most effectively and commit to putting everything we can into doing what we can.


We are committed to being an organization for everyone. We appreciate the nuances and significance of culture and nationality, while valuing our shared humanity over the artificial borders we have created as societies. Thus, as an organization that seeks to emphasize community and the value in each other as opposed to separatism and borders, we make an effort to break down the wall between those being served and those serving. We recognize that reciprocity is an essential ingredient in all relationships and strive to see the ways in which, whether we are refugees or immigrants ourselves or people seeking to support refugees or immigrants, we each play a crucial role, both on an interpersonal level, and as a movement. We reject a “one size fits all” activism, recognizing and honoring that our differing levels of privilege allow us to move our Movement forward in different ways.