R.O.C. was originally founded by Natalie Meyer after returning home from a trip to Ghana with Global Leadership Adventures.

A sophomore at Champlain Valley Union High School she launched the first ever Refugee Outreach  Club (R.O.C.) in Vermont.

The sole purpose of the club was to get Vermont high school students involved in the international community with service locally and globally. 


Right away the original students dove into weekly Saturday  tutoring sessions, working in collaboration with the Heritage Learning Program as peer tutors and mentors for Burundian refugees at a neighboring high school. 

As the club grew at CVU and beyond the group introduced guest speakers to share their experiences with service opportunities and international aid work.  This element of R.O.C. further's the mission of producing global minded citizens out of high school.


As R.O.C. continued to grow, Natalie created  R.O.C. Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.  She put together a board of directors comprised of leaders in the Burlington business, education, mental health and international relations fields who oversee the Executive Director.  Most recently R.O.C. Inc. added a Vermont Director to help oversee and manage Vermont Projects, specifically high school and college chapters.

R.O.C. Inc. was founded to coordinate and maintain quality control over all of the club chapters (with more expected to come) as well as manage donations to  support the growing New American community.

R.O.C. Inc. provides stipends for teachers in the Heritage Learning Program who dedicate their time each Saturday with refugee students helping them learn, maintain and remember their native languages and experiences (Kurundi and French with the Burundian Heritage Learning Program) as they integrate into American society. As R.O.C. Inc. continues to grow we will continue to support other programs similar to the Heritage Learning Program.

Our goal is to motivate high school and college students to see how their contributions of time and interest will make a difference in the lives of New Americans living in Vermont and students around the world.

R.O.C. Inc., develops leaders out of high school and college who have personal experience with many of the challenges New Americans face and who are interested in international and local issues regarding poverty, education, and the value of multi-cultural relationships.

Our newest R.O.C. Inc. initiatives include an international health program as well as an international cultural exchange program in Ghana.