Bonnie Wall

SEPTEMBER 22, 1942- AUGUST 13, 2017

This memorial fund is a tribute to my step mother, Bonnie Wall. As I thought about what she meant to our family, her friends, my dad and all those whom she knew, one theme kept coming up:  Giving!  She gave her time and her heart. She was a staunch advocate of women’s rights and human rights.   

Bonnie had a kind soul.  She made others smile when she smiled.  When you needed her to lend support for virtually anything, she was right there.  She would be on the phone, come to your house, or she would welcome you to her house.  She was easy to talk to because she listened, and she listened to understand, rather than judge and respond. 

Although her life was cut short too early, she did live it to the fullest.  Bonnie made my life better.  She made our family’s lives better. 

In the spirit of the way Bonnie lived her life and what she gave to others, my wife Cheryl and I have started the Bonnie Wall Memorial Fund for Refugee Outreach Club. Changing the lives of others starts by helping one person at a time.  The R.O.C. students do it every week. They carry Bonnie’s spirit of giving and inclusivity. They are changing the world through local service with a global impact. Bonnie would be proud to sponsor R.O.C., and we are doing so in her name.

-Jim Branman